Who We Are

Dykewriters create space for womyn-loving-womyn of all races who are born female, still live as female, identify as lesbians, and love to write, read, and listen to lesbian words. For forty years we were known as Womonwriters, but in 2019 we split into two groups when we were unable to agree about who belongs at a lesbian writers conference. Dykewriters is the group for women-born-women living as female and identifying as lesbians. For more information about how the split happened, see Woody Blue’s story in Lesbian Connection, Sept/Oct 2019, pp. 15-16.

We are primarily for lesbians in the southeastern region of the United States, but lesbians from other regions are welcome. We celebrate womyn, affirm our herstory as lesbians, and work together to find avenues of creativity and expansion.

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