Dykewriters had its origins in a writing conference that was mostly white, as are our founding mothers. As Southerners, we examine and educate ourselves about the effects of racism and white supremacy on our upbringing and assumptions. To move our lesbian culture forward, our groups and conferences need to be racially diverse, reflecting the diverse universe of lesbians.

We acknowledge multiple oppressions, especially the intersections between race, class, and sex. We commit to an environment that fosters respect, deep listening, and an open expression of ideas through our writing and personal interactions. We envision a new future that is less oppressive, less segregated, and more diverse.

Individually, in study groups, and in writing groups, we are doing the work on ourselves to become anti-racist. We recognize the seriousness of this endeavor and undertake it with eagerness.

These are some useful links, and we welcome suggestions for others: – the Anti-Racism Project – The Racial Equity Site is a library of resources

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