Our Mission

DYKEWRITERS Conference exists to create conferences and maintain space for womon-loving-womyn of all races who are born female, still live as female, identify as lesbian, and love to write. We empower and support each other, create ways and methods of gathering in person and online, primarily for lesbians in the southeastern region of the US. We celebrate womyn, affirm our herstory as lesbians, and work together to find avenues of creativity and expansion.

Who belongs at a DYKEWRITERS gathering? We are seeking other lesbian writers and would-be-writers of all races who are born female, still living as female, and believe it is important to preserve and maintain womyn’s space.

See also our statement about the importance of preserving womyn’s space (under construction).

Some useful links:

Women’s Human Rights Campaign : https://womensdeclaration.com/en

https://femaleerasure.com – by the editor of the book of the same name, Ruth Barrett

https://feministcurrent.com – a news site for female born lesbians

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