At the first planning meeting, November 1-3, 2019, in Spartanburg, SC, hosted by Beth and Barb E, eleven women gathered to create a new organization that at that time did not even have a name. A twelfth joined us by phone when we met in a conference room on the campus of Converse College. Gathered around a table-sized drum at Barb and Beth’s home on the last day, those of us there in person scribbled our visions for the future of what became Dykewriters. Beth, our archivist, has preserved the original writings in a special Dykewriters binder. Visions written that day and transcribed by Beth came from the following Dykewriters: Beth, Barb E., Lynn, Debra, Rand, Leaf, Robin, Rose, Barb S., Firewalker, Jan J.

  1. I envision a safe, comfortable, and sovereign space in which WBW Lesbians come together 1-2X yearly to celebrate one another through our shared experience of writing, reading, talking, dancing, meditating and cooking and other fun creative activities, that are respected and honored by all who choose to attend/participate.

Affinity groups having been also conceived (or form) to bring like-minded women together over certain topics—but the group as a whole will be there to write and/or support lesbian writers.


  • 2. My Vision for Dykewriters

Womonwrites as I knew it is core to my vision of Dykewriters. We work together with cooperation and mutual respect. We step up to do what needs to be done. We write from the heart, listen respectfully, read in trust that we are among friends. We are participant led. We honor our foremothers and women’s contributions, past & present. We do our best to live up to lesbian feminist principles of cooperation, respect for the Earth and all its people, & the witch’s watchword: First, do no harm.


3. Vision DW

Creative space for artists/writers Lesbians. ________ as friends

Space that is in good condition that allows us not to be uncomfortable, concerned w/accessibility, & Financially affordable w/available scholarship.

Recognize the need to move from primitive space to modern space to accommodate our aging.

Work toward incredible writing works that will be published & sought after by a variety of groups wanting to know our stories.

A space for support in the creative process for self development.

A limited # of serious writers in order to help each other.

Not so many rules/ever!

No politics of other’s lives–my own sharing of Artistic support.

Laughter, plays, Goddess space, of honoring ourselves as the divine & trust the process of development w/ time.


4. A sisterhood of lesbians creating a writers’ gathering. Loving, trusting, honoring each other. Writing from our lesbian/female experience, sharing a sacred space that we create together. I hope for Dykewriters to be a brand new entity not a recreation of the old.

                        __________________________________________4. 5. Vision for Dykewriters

Safety for WBW lesbians

Security for future Dykewriters

Space for lesbian creativity

Honoring of WBW lesbians

 I envision the above that comes together in a conference that honors our past & is sustainable for our future. I envision this in a setting that enables us, at every age, to celebrate the above in a comfortable manner and that does not cause undue physical stress. I envision this for younger dykes who hold our vision and wish to carry it into a future that honors WBW lesbians of past, present and future.


6. Vision for Dykewriters

  A place where I can go once or twice a year to be with other like-minded Lesbians, meaning female born & experienced in this life. Where I feel comfortable & safe & understood. Where I am not judged by my personal beliefs & feel compassion enough to not judge others & how their stories  have been theirs & theirs alone

  I want to share my writings, my stories, sometimes get feedback, but mostly get support & find more creative ways to express myself, a place where we, as Lesbians can acknowledge & confirm our identity and definition of who we are.

  I would want a place free of oppressive acts & divisions of power

To find more equitable ways & co-operating with each other, acknowledging & owning our differences yet finding a common bond in woman loving. I would like clean pathways created to communicate our needs & challenges. To make food & eat together. To listen & learn from each other & have the opportunity to be free to express myself/ourselves in various ways.

  With ease respect & honoring our Lesbian Spirit.


  • 7. Dream Conference Vision

Lesbian sovereign space!

  I taste yummy food prepared by loving hands, maybe with us sharing the cooking or maybe hired. 3 meals a day, workshops writing. Being challenged, being inspired, reading, writing listening. Beautiful nature, swimming, shade. Not too cold, not too hot. I hear laughter, I hear talking, I hear footsteps in the path, I hear birds, I hear splashing, rhythm of a swimmers arms. I see I feel my feet on the ground, the hands of sisters in circle together, hand to hand heart to heart. I hear funny writing, sad& happy stories, research on women’s struggles & liberation.

I hear forks on plates, coffee brewing, frig opening & closing. I see women’s crafts, music, clothing, art for sale. Colorful clothing. No clothing. I see lesbians of all ages all colors of the human rainbow. I feel a buzz, I think clearly & creatively, remembering ways of being that I sometimes forget in Area 51. I see, I hear, I feel, touch, taste, smell. There is dancing, 5 minute dance parties throughout the day. Songs are sung & written here & sung again. Connection


  • 8. A building or series of buildings–organizations of lesbians with writing at our           core – to listen without boundaries– good food-/ book exchange

     lots of hugs-

          gathering of friends-

          maintain equality equity/human writer

          clean – non moldy place to sleep

          hot water-

          workshops from 9-10AM on-

           a writer’s central place to register-

          no or little worry about money-

          a place for elders-shuttle, housing, food-

          place to read our work-

          a dyke writer herstorian-

          protection from vandalism, harassment-


          nonviolent communication

          a gaming set up – puzzles, art, scrabble


          regular women giving presentations

          to build our own space kitchen, bedrooms

          representations/speaking on college campuses-

          reaching out to other organizations, agencies,

          meeting at least 2X’s a year-

          a permanent space-


          stage to read & a place for the audience

          some woman to donate the land to us

          good/great workshops – to ask those Lesbians

          who have been de-platformed to have a place to

          speak-Max Dasher/Bonnie Morris


  • 9. This is a homecoming,

        A reunion, a collaboration of creative

             lesbians who imagine a world of our

                        Own making,

          without judgement, in perfect trust

           with joy in the delight of voicing our

                         love, self love, love for each other

                      love for the planet, for our children’s children.

                   Our creativity blossoms into myriad forms-

                           poetry, drama, comedy & song

                          stories, imagined and true

                         accompanied with arts of all kinds.

                    Risking all for the art of self expression.


  • 10. Vision for Dykewriters

Experience when we gather

Lesbians bringing notebooks full of their

creative thoughts & emotions that they will shape during specific

reading times

Lesbians feeling happy to make

new connections, learning, being

open to listen, to make new

bonds of friendship

Lesbians sitting in workshops talking

about their lives and writing about

the changes in their lives-

Young lesbians and old lesbians

listening, speaking in safe space

about who we are together and who

we are as we live in the outside

world-the differences

Lesbians collaborating on plays and

rituals honoring women born women-


11. I see a conference for WBW lesbian writers that is safe, surrounded by nature, and humming with writing, reading, music, arts/crafts, and socialization for women.

I hear the voices of women, uninhibited by outside influences. I hear laughter and song and tears and sounds of comfort.

I feel a sense of willingness from all women to pitch in and make things work. Camaraderie, friendship, and a deeper knowing of each other will be built by the sharing of hard work and creative processes.

I envision the faces I will see, the hugs, the emotional ties, the pride in each other, and the sadness in leaving that only a beautiful experience can bring.

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